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Sirwill FBM Tools - SPC/EPC/Six Sigma module
(Version 7.2 for Windows XP and later editions)
Get the best value for money !

Why you need this software ?

There is a pressing need for the continual improvement of manufacturing and service processes in today’s competitive business environment.

You may follow the time-tested Six Sigma DMAIC approach (define, measure, analyse, improve, and, control) in any improvement initiative.

For this, you need to …

  1. Identify the areas for improvement
  2. Identify the key input and output variables (KIVs & KOVs) that are critical to quality / schedule / cost
  3. Collect the relevant data and analyse them using the SPC tools such as Cause and Effect Diagram, Pareto, Histogram, Scatter Plot, Control Chart, etc.
  4. Take corrective and preventive actions to improve the process, and
  5. Install an on-going control scheme (such as SPC chart or EPC chart) to sustain the improvement.

SPC: Statistical Process control (SPC) is a scientific and inexpensive way to prevent defects. It is an effective check against assignable causes of process variation. You would require SPC tools for every Six Sigma project.

EPC: Once a process is brought to stable condition using SPC charts, Engineering Process Control (EPC) helps in predicting the process performance and pro-active adjustments, thereby reducing process variability. It adds extra power to your process control schemes.

Both SPC and EPC are very essential for achieving the PPM (parts per million) defect levels expected of your Six Sigma initiatives.

In this context, it is very important to provide a statistical software to your personnel for error-free data analysis and charting on regular basis.

Our FBM Tools – SPC/EPC/Six Sigma module is a Windows-based computer program designed specifically for improvement projects, by seasoned Engineer-Statistician experts (alumni of the Indian Statistical Institute).

Let’s take a look at the software features.

Statistical Analysis and Computations:

  • Summary statistics
  • Run analysis (detection of cyclic variations)
  • Process capability indices - Cp, Cpk, Cpm, Cpkm, Cpc (for non-normal data)
  • Six Sigma metrics - Defects Per Million, Sigma Quality Level, Yield %

Basic SPC charts supported:

 Name of chart Data Typical areas of application
X - Moving Range 1 data / sample Chemical processes
Xbar - Range 2 - 5 data / sample Turning operation
Xbar - SD 2 - 200 data / sample Blanking process
Fraction Defective (p) sample size >= 1 Visual inspection (good/bad) of lot items
Nos. Defective (np) sample size >= 1 Visual inspection (good/bad) of lot items
Defects / Item (c) sample size = 1 Visual defects (count) of castings
Defects / Unit (u) sample size > 0 Clerical mistakes (count) in data entry

Advanced SPC charts supported:

 Name of chart Data Typical areas of application
Short run / Standardized Same as basic charts For job-shop (small lot production)
Slopping / Tool wear 2 - 200 data / sample Where gradual process shift is inherent
Six Sigma Process 2 - 200 data / sample For monitoring Six Sigma processes
Coefficient of variation (CV)% 2 - 200 data / sample Normally, in textile and jute processing
Moving Avg. - Moving Range 1 data / sample When data is slightly auto-correlated
Moving Avg. - Moving SD 1 data / sample When data is slightly auto-correlated
CuSum 1 - 200 data / sample To detect small shifts in process mean
EWMA 1 - 200 data / sample To detect small shifts in process mean
UBM 1 data / sample When data is highly auto-correlated

Other tools supported:

 Name of tool Typical use
Cause and Effect Diagram Brainstorming (cause-effect mapping)
Pareto Diagram Finding the vital few defects / problems
Scatter Plot and Linear Regression To study x-y relation between variables
Histogram and Frequency Table To visualize spread (variability) in data
Normal Probability Plot (NPP) To check normality of data
Auto-Correlation Chart To check auto-correlation in data
Run Chart To visualize trends in process mean
Normal Curve To visualize variability Vs specifications
Poisson Distribution To visualize defect data distribution

Engineering Process Control (EPC):

  • Supports Integral, Proportional-Integral, and, Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) feedback control models
  • Draws EPC prediction chart
  • Performs process adjustment calculations

Optional Control Chart Features:

  • Can draw control charts with lines or colour zones
  • Can also draw charts with user-defined limits (process monitoring mode)
  • Homogenizes data with user-selected cut-off %

General Features:

  • Can import data from Access / Excel / Text files
  • Can export data to Access / Excel / Text files
  • Supports workgroups & project management
  • Includes a detailed user manual (in pdf)
  • Includes sample data files for every tool
  • Provision for FREE / paid user training on software operations (at our training facility in Kerala)
  • Provision for SPC / EPC / Six Sigma training (in Kerala) & e-Consultancy at extra cost.

OS & Recommended Minimum Hardware:

  • Operating System : Windows XP or later editions
  • Computer : PC / Laptop
  • CPU speed : 1 GHz
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • Hard Disk : 2 GB free disk space
  • Screen : Color monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
  • Printer : Color Inkjet / Laser printer

Edition-wise Comparison:

The current version (i.e., Ver. 7.2) of this software comes in two forms, namely, LITE Edition and STANDARD Edition to suit the varying requirements of prospective buyers.

We highly recommend STANDARD edition for corporate users, and, LITE edition for small businesses and academic users (professors teaching SPC / Six Sigma, executives preparing for Six Sigma Green Belt / Black belt examination, etc.).

Both editions are economically priced, making them very affordable to corporate bodies as well as individuals.

 Particulars Lite Standard
Target user segment SMEs, Teachers, Students Large Companies
Max. records (rows) / analysis 100 10000
Max. No. of data columns 50 200
Max. No. of Users / Site License 5 Unlimited
Product warranty & support 3 months 6 months
User training in Kerala (India) For nominal fee FREE for 1 person
No. of FREE upgrades 2 3
Migration to Standard Edition Allowed Not required

Product Demo:

We have made a screen-shot demo presenting two highly enlightening Six Sigma projects (one from service sector and the other from manufacturing sector). This demo explains how our software could be used in such improvement initiatives. Software screenshots in each PowerPoint / PDF slide is accompanied by project narrative for easy understanding. A must-see presentation for anyone interested in process improvement !

Please click here to view a PowerPoint demo of the software.

Kindly click here to view a PDF demo of the software.

Please visit the Contact Us page to send an online enquiry just now.

Pricing, Order and Delivery:

This software is priced very economically, making it affordable to all.

Please click on the link LITE or STANDARD to visit our e-Shop just now to check the prices and/or to place an order. You can either make an instant payment online (Credit Card / PayPal / eCheck / Internet Banking) or generate a Proforma Invoice and make payment off-line (Bank Demand Draft / Check) within 30 days.

In case of download version, you can download the software installation files from our website within six hours of making the payment. (Files compressed in WinZip format, takes just 3 minutes to download).

Price of CD-ROM version is inclusive of shipping charges. Product CD shall reach you within 7 days (India) or within 15 days (other countries) of receiving the payment.

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