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'Learn-and-Teach' Training Kits:

ISO45001:2018 OH&S Management System
(Occupational Health and Safety Management System Requirements)

Why you need this product ?

Organizations all over the world are showing more interest in issues related to workplace safety these days. Many are implementing Occupational Health and Safety Management System as per ISO45001:2018 standard, and subsequently getting ISO45001:2018 certification.

Apart from manufacturing companies, service organizations (both public and private) can also implement ISO45001:2018 and get certified.

If you plan to implement ISO45001:2018 in your organization, you need to impart company-wide training on ISO45001:2018 concepts and requirements.

If your company is already certified to ISO45001:2018, there is still a need for imparting training to the new recruits.

The learning objectives of this training kit are:

  1. To understand the importance of industrial safety management.
  2. To familiarize with the vocabulary of ISO45001 Safety Management System, and
  3. To learn the steps involved in the design, implementation and ISO45001:2018 certification of a company's OH&S Management System.

What is included in the kit ?

Our training slides (in Power Point and PDF) give a clear picture about the whole process of ISO45001:2018 certification, elaborating on the following:

  1. What is OHSAS, what is ISO45001:2018, who issues ISO45001:2018 certificate, Gantt chart of a typical ISO45001:2018 implementation project, etc.
  2. Overview of safety management, root causes of accidents and basic remedies, etc.
  3. 'P-D-C-A Approach' of ISO45001:2018 and continual improvement, and
  4. ISO45001:2018 requirements (clause-wise details).

The training kit consists of the following:

  1. Power Point and PDF slides, ideal for conducting one-day (8 hours) classroom training programs
  2. Guidelines for trainers, and
  3. Question paper for conducting class test.

Important Note: Our experts are currently developing the training and implementation kits based on ISO45001:2018 (replacement of ISO45001) standard, and the new kits will be released soon. If you are buying our ISO45001:2018 kits on or after 24-Mar-2018, you are eligible for FREE upgrade to ISO45001:2018 based kits.

Order and Delivery:

Please click here to visit our e-Shop and place order now. You can either make an instant payment online (Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal / eCheck / Internet Banking) or generate a Proforma Invoice and make payment off-line (Bank Demand Draft / Check) within 30 days.

In case of download version, you can download the kit from our website within six hours of making the payment. (Files compressed in WinZip format, takes just 5 minutes to download). We can also send the zipped file as email attachment, if required.

Price of CD-ROM version is inclusive of shipping charges. Product CD shall reach you within 7 days (India) or within 20 days (other countries) of receiving the payment.

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